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  • Exit Strategy: click here to download our step-by-step guide to moving painlessly to a new phase of your life.

  • Got some career challenges?

    Are you revisiting your life purpose and examining what you want from your career? Perhaps you are facing redundancy and are looking for positive options for the future. The good news is that it is never too late to start again. With effective help, you can make those important decisions which can turn your life around.

  • Focus, confidence and clarity is not too much to ask for. When the world around us is constantly changing, there is a need for some certainty. We may not know the exact path, but understanding our options is a step in the right direction. 

    Perhaps self-employment beckons. This is a great opportunity, especially when you have relevant expertise to back you up. Getting started might be where you need a bit of help – doing your research, developing your networks and putting your strategy in place.

  • Dorothy Shorne

    Life and Career Coach...

    ...working with people who are ready to take positive steps in their lives.

    I am a life and career coach who loves helping people who are at a crossroads. I am passionate about helping people find their ideal career path, regardless of their age, their previous employment or their skill base.

    I focus on those who are looking at the next phase in their lives, perhaps through redundancy or who have recognised that it is time for a change.


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     I'd like to learn more about my current life cycle phase.
     I feel it's time to be true to myself in the life that I lead. Where to from here?
     I've recently been made redundant and I'm not sure what my next step is.
     I'm planning some major changes in my life. It's exciting.

  • Life is filled with trade-offs ... we have more choice, more guaranteed change, more options for 'doing it out way' and less predictability than ever before in history. The trade-offs of today are clear - the landscape is shifting so dramatically that we are able to craft our journey in just the way we choose to; the downside is that endless choices don't generate clarity about what it is we want at any point along the way.

    McLean & Hudson, 2011, LifeLaunch: A Passionate Guide to the Rest of Your Life

  • Helping people through their life transitions or business development is my passion. There are a range of personal and business coaching options to suit you, your lifestyle and your needs. Contact me for a no-obligation discovery session to learn how you may benefit from working with a life coach.

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  • Weekend workshops are held for those wishing to resolve Life Choices or Work Choices. You have the added benefit of meeting others who are treading a similar path to you.  Contact me for details of the regular Meet-up Group, run by a life coach but on an informal basis.

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  • Want to work through a detailed manual at your own pace?  Not easily able to attend a workshop or to make time for the one-on-one coaching?  An eCourse may be the solution for you.

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    Although born and raised in Australia, Rakhee Ghelani had family ties in India and when her life was at a crossroads, she elected to pack up and head to the Sub-continent on a journey of exploration. She estimated that this would be a period of around twelve months, little imagining that she was embarking on a journey that would not only teach her about her ancestral country, but would launch her

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    Workplace Bullying

    School yard bullying can be humiliating and isolating for the victim – even more so now that social media is an effective means of perpetuating the activity.  Sadly, it doesn’t stop at the school gate. Bullying has many insidious forms in the workplace as well. There are usually differences in the workplace format of bullying, and it can be intertwined with discriminatory

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    Set up a life you don’t need to run away from

    I read this in an article in the paper this morning as I was balancing eggs, coffee and reading material on a small café table. It was attributed to Seth Gordon and as things are inclined to do on a Saturday morning, it jumped up and hit me between the eyes.  I often think I might run away. When I did a quick online search to verify the quote, there were many references to Seth and his

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