• Rationale behind Work Life Junction

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    Let me guess – you lead a busy life and it’s not easy to take time out for yourself.  The world is changing around you and any plans that you had have been turned upside down.  Getting independent and objective advice is a challenge.

    Been there, done that.

    We have an increasing expectation of being in control of the direction that our lives take and our concept of happiness is related to choice and autonomy.  The work environment is changing and many traditional jobs are disappearing. This brings with it a raft of concerns.

    • Can I do this and still have a family?
    • How do I make the changes to my life without damaging future prospects?
    • How do I differentiate between what I think I want and what I really want?
    • There’s got to be more to life than this.

    I understand how stressful it can be when things seem to be spiralling out of control.  With launching Work Life Junction, I have provided an objective sounding board that will help you to clarify your life goals and directions.

    You don’t have to struggle in isolation. Discovering what you can achieve with a little help is such an overwhelming relief. You too can jump start your future.

    The strategies have worked for me – I can help them work for you too.


  • Dorothy Shorne

    Growing up in Adelaide, South Australia, Dorothy Shorne has lived in the Northern Territory and New South Wales, and so is familiar with the remoteness of Central Australia and the frantic lifestyle of inner-city Sydney. In both situations you can be alone but equally you are never totally alone.

    She has had a varied career that encompassed building modular houses, selling real estate, working on Sydney Airport, running her own small businesses and working in the utilities sector as a property consultant.

    Interests are varied, but encompass aviation (both as a private pilot or in simply boarding and flying somewhere) and writing. She is a published author and poet, and has a bottom drawer full of unfinished manuscripts.

    Work as a civil celebrant has made Dorothy aware of the impact of transitional changes in our lives. Typically, that involves birth, adolescence, partnership, separation and death. Those changes also impact on where and how we live and work.

    With a lifetime of challenging experiences behind her, Dorothy brings an understanding of the practical skills and resilience required in addressing life’s transitions, whether they be made by choice or by circumstance.


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  • Testimonials

  • In the time that I have known Dorothy, she has been inspirational, both as a mentor and life coach. Dorothy has unlocked paths for me I had not previously believed were possible, by delving into her own wealth of knowledge and consistently providing an unfailing belief in my capabilities.

    Her life experiences gave her valuable insights into my particular circumstances and the dilemma I was faced with.  She displayed a calm and balanced approach to my situation providing the quiet strength & belief in myself I was seeking. Her business acumen and intuitive listening skills are beyond reproach and she provided support outside what I expecting.

    I would not hesitate to contact Dorothy again in the future if the need arises. Bronnie C.

  • Dorothy has been my mentor, initially as my trainer when studying to become a Registered Civil Marriage Celebrant and subsequently in areas of professional development.One could have been completely overwhelmed with the content of this lengthy Course, but Dorothy has an excellent manner in the way she understands each person's need and how they learn, facilitating competency in their studies. With well-written material, Dorothy inspired our passions and provided real-life exposure as well as theoretical training. I personally found Dorothy to be a very good listener, succinct in her answers to my questions, and possessing a caring manner to ensure I was happy. She encouraged me to further investigate areas in which I could expand my professional options. Never at any time does she make you feel that a question or comment is unwarranted

    Carmen Walker-Galpin, August 2015

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