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  • Looking for a Life or Career Coach?

    Life Coach

    Life Coaching is the process by which people are helped, with support from their coach, in making desired changes to their lives. It gives people clarity about their situation and allows them to learn from their experiences, to make better choices and to take actions which will help them in achieving their goals.

    Coaching is not a form of therapy, nor is it counselling. It does involve a lot of talking and listening but it focuses on making positive changes rather than concentrating on problems and traumas.

    Coaching is of benefit when you want to:

    • Work on a life and career plan;
    • Reduce stress and improve your life/work balance;
    • Manage a transition from one phase of your life to another;
    • Improve your ability to relate to others;
    • Clarify the options that are available to you;
    • Establish life patterns which will benefit your relationships, well-being, and health; and

    Improve self-discipline and motivation.

  • For maximum effect, Coaching is best delivered over a series of sessions. For that reason, coaching sessions are available in a block of five sessions. More are available of course if required. 

    At the beginning of the coaching relationship, we will discuss the reasons that you are seeking coaching and agree on a plan of action. There will probably be some tasks required by you between sessions, which may entail maintaining a journal, performing written tasks, or taking specific actions. At each session, we will review progress against your plan, consider if any changes need to be made and then plan the next step.

    My role in this process is to be a sounding board and facilitator, and I will help you to achieve the goal and outcomes that you are seeking. I have formal qualifications in life coaching, but this is backed with life and practical experience. For a successful outcome however, it is the effort made by you that drives the success of the coaching program.

  • Discovery Session

    A discovery session provides the opportunity to find out more about coaching services and to see if there is an appropriate fit between client and coach. I can explain how we might approach the issues that are of concern to you. If, after a brief discussion, it appears that I am not the most appropriate person to assist you, I can give direction on who you might approach.

    You can also decide if you feel comfortable with my services and my approach. There is no charge and no obligation associated with a discovery session. This can take place in person, over the phone, or via Skype.

    You can book a discovery session via the Contact form.

  • Philosophical Approach to Coaching

    I believe that we each should have the opportunity to challenge ourselves and to follow a life path that fits, not one that is decreed by anyone else. Our choice should resonate with our values and approach to life.

    Our lives are a process of continual transition and with the right help, you can identify the best choices for you through those changes.

    I know what it is like to feel that life choices are confusing and the frustration that there is no clear plan of action. Rising unemployment and redundancies increases our concerns for the future.

    Today, people are remaining in the workforce longer and are under increasing pressure to provide for themselves. I can give you the tools, knowledge and resources to help you to clarify your options.