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  • The image depicted above indicates that transitions in our life fall into a circular pattern – birth, emergence, adolescence, consolidation, maturity, waning, decline, death, re-birth.  This is replicating the events that we observe in nature – change in the seasons, waxing and waning of the moon, the cycle of the day, etc.

    It recognises that there are just way points on the cycle of life, rather than specific beginnings and endings.  Often different life cycles are occurring at the same time and not in synchronicity.  The challenge is in not repeating the same cycle with the same issue but through learning and improved knowledge and skills, reaching a different destination with different impacts and results.

    "Manage your life from the inside out …” (McLean & Hudson, 2011, LifeLaunch: A Passionate Guide to the Rest of Your Life) .  There are many pressures in today’s world which can cause one to be pushed and pulled in directions which are not conducive to personal achievement.  The solution is to know yourself and your core values and to stay focussed and anchored to your beliefs.  ‘To thine ownself be true.’

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