• e-Courses

    online training

    e-Courses will be run periodically throughout the year.  They will be delivered over a four-week period, with access to course material via the Members' site.  This is where you will find bonus information that won't be available elsewhere, and access will continue long after the course has finished. Participants will be able to interact with each other, providing mutual support and information throughout the program.

    The advantage of an eCourse is that it doesn’t matter where you are; you are still able to participate.  You may work at your own pace but you won’t be on your own, as you will be able to ask questions or participate in discussions for the duration.  You will be introduced to a network of people who have similar reasons as yourself for doing the course.

    Understanding that people progress at different rates and that life has a habit of intervening, the course material will remain on the website and you will have password access long after the course has finished.  A Facebook group will continue as long as members find it of benefit.

    Is there any pre-requisite for enrolling in the course?  Not at all.  People of all ages and backgrounds will benefit from the course material.  If you are at a point in your life where you need greater clarity and direction and don’t know how to get it, then these courses will be of benefit to you.

  • Workshops

    life choice  workshops

    Want to join with like-minded people in a weekend workshop?  With a limited number able to attend, allowing for maximum time and attention to attendees, the workshops focus on resolving some of the issues that arise in the transitional stages of life.  When life reaches a crossroads, it can be difficult knowing which path to take.  Even seeing a clear path can be a problem.

    Workshops will initially be held in Adelaide, South Australia and will be rolled out to other capital cities as well.  This learning style will suit people who do not have the discipline for online learning, and who benefit from the face-to-face interaction. If you want to keep informed of calendar dates, click on the Register Now button at the bottom of the page and you will be advised of the next scheduled event. 

    I will also advise when there is the opportunity for a VIP day – a one-on-one day that focusses solely on you and your issues.  This is a day from which you gain maximum benefit, and only a few are available over the course of the year.

  • Confident Choices Program

    Confident Choices program

    Do you feel that some people have all the luck?  Whatever happened to yours?

    Are there blockages to your success which impact on the results of your life choices?

    How can you make those key decisions when the options just confuse you?

     What we want out of life is really quite simple.  We want to be involved in meaningful relationships; we want clarity and confidence in relation to our futures; and we want a sense of purpose in what we do in life.  It's not so difficult.  Why then do we have such difficulty in trying to make key decisions in our lives?

     In this workshop, we look at how we might react to the endless changes that happen around us.  We'll take a step back and examine some of the influences on your decision-making process, and we'll look for clarity in the midst of your life choices.

  • Resources

    Information on Decision-Making Models is provided for your interest in downloadable pdf. They point to the work that we will do in the Confident Choices program that teases out the definition of your current challenge, and clarifies the way forward.

    The Rubber Band Model

    Crossroads Model

    Risk Management

    It's not the things you do that tire you - it's the things that you don't do. Tony Robbins

  • Work Choices

    work choice decisions

    The days of having a single career over the span of a working life are long gone.  Coupled with that, our expectations of job satisfaction have increased.  We look for work that is intellectually and emotionally rewarding and that we feel adds value.

    As we progress through our life stages, we tend to review and reconsider what type of work gives us satisfaction.  This comes through varied life experiences, learning new skills, and learning more about ourselves and our capabilities.

    Some people have those light bulb moments in which they know absolutely what it is they want to do with their lives.  Others amble through life with a trial-and-error approach and are never quite sure if they have made the right decision, or what the alternatives are.

    This workshop is focussed on clarifying your options, improving your understanding of your strengths and abilities, and developing a plan for your next role.  That might be a complete change in direction or might be starting your own business.  The possibilities are exciting.

  • Business Start-Up

    business start-up

    The idea of going it alone can be appealing, but there is a lot to know in managing the legalities and the practicalities.  Here we review what happens next after deciding to leave the paid workforce, and particularly the issues associated with working from home.  What about the social isolation?  

    We will talk about the hardware that you will need and the software that will make running your business easier.  What can you do yourself and when is it better so engage specialist expertise?  The course will cover the challenges to be encountered , how to manage those and how to establish support networks.  

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